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    Whether it’s a leak, water damage, bad chimney flashing, or hail damage, the contractors at Hoover Contracting Inc. have the knowledge and experience to quickly identify any existing issues with your roof. When left unrepaired, problems like these can get worse, and can cause significant damage to your roof and even your home. And many of the most common roofing problems are difficult to see from the ground, making it essential that you get a regular roof inspection or an inspection after severe storms. When caught early, problems can be repaired, saving you from larger, more expensive projects. Contact our team of roofing professionals today if you suspect a problem.

    Roofing Problems Repair
    Most Common Roofing Problems
    • Damaged shingles from high winds or hail
    • Roof leaks
    • Damaged or missing roof flashing
    • Damaged gutters or downspouts
    • Ventilation issues or ice dams
    • Rotted or moldy wood
    • Pooling water
    • Cracking, blistering, or shrinkage
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